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Genshin Impact Tier List & All Genshin Impact Characters – 2021

Genshin Impact is a role playing adventure game. This game contains a long number of different characters and avatars to choose from which you unlock as you advance in the list. We have generated a thorough Genshin Impact Tier List with every Genshin Impact Characters basic information like weapons, mastery and skills.

The Genshin Impact Tier list helps when you are about play the biggest and toughest end games activities. There are many number of Genshin Impact Characters that you will not be able to assess each and every one of them properly. This where we come into play. Our guide will help you identify the abilities of every Genshin Impact Character straight away without any difficulty and confusion.

Genshin Impact Tier List

All the Genshin Impact Characters are categorized in 5 tiers, namely, Tier S, Tier A, Tier B, Tier C, Tier D (some would call it poor tier). All the genshin impact tiers are based on the powers and ability of its members. Tier S being the most powerful and Tier D being the weakest of them all.

Tier STier ATier BTier CTier D
FischlBennettTraveller (Anemo)KaeyaZhongli
QiqiJean Ningguang 


Keqing Noelle 
Tartaglia (Childe)Mona Traveller (Geo) 

Every Genshin Impact Character have their own special powers, their own specialty and their own individual mastery of different weapons. Lets discuss a bitter deeper to know more about them. We have structured all Genshin Impact tiers in a simpler way to make it easy for you to understand.

Before starting this Genshin Impact Tier List guide, we would like to share with you the Genshin Impact Codes guide created by our hard working team. We are sure you will really like it. Go check it out.

Genshin Impact Tier : Rank -S

Rank – S of Genshin Impact Tier list are the most powerful and are highly skilled. They are masters of immense powers and are best suited for the End Game scenarios. So lets begin with our list.


Diluc- genshin impact character

Element : Pyro

Favorite Weapon : Diluc have mastery of Claymore

Region : Diluc belongs to Mondstadt region

Elemental Skills : Diluc holds many skills. These are :

  • Normal Sward Attack : During this attack, Diluc strikes 4 times continuously.
  • Charged Sward Attack: When fully charged, Diluc slashes with a powerful strike.
  • Dawn Attack : During this attack Diluc strikes the enemy with a ignited sward and knocks them down.

Diluc is a wealthy gentleman from Mondstadt region who always acts with absolute perfection. While he thrashes those badly who threatens his beloved city.


Fishl- genshin impact character

Element : Elctro

Favorite Weapon : Fischl has a mastery over Bow

Region : Fischl is from Mondstadt region


Some of the many mysterious attacks of Fischl are mentioned below :

  • Normal Attacks : Fischl attacks with 5 shots of arrows when equipped with a bow.
  • Charged Attack : Fischl when fully charged, shoots highly powerful arrows with high precision. The arrowheads are charged with enchantments by dark lightning spirits.
  • Pluging attack : In this attack, Fischl delievers high AoE DMG after jumping into the air and firing continuous powerful shots of arrows.
Elemental Skills & Bursts

Here are all of the elemental skills & burts of Fischl :

  • Nightrider : The elemental skill of Fischl is to summon black ravens of lightening and darkness striking the lands.
  • Midnight Phantasmagoria : Fischl turns into OZ and spreads its twin wings of twilight which shields Fischl and also boosts her speed and strength to the next level.

Fischl is mysterious girl who calls herself ‘Prinzessin der Veruteilung’. She has the ability the mystical OZ the night raven.


Klee - genshin impact tier list

Element : Pyro

Favorite Weapon : The most recommended weapon for Klee is Catalyst

Region : Klee is from Mondstadt region


Below are the most powerful and famous attacks of Klee :

  • Normal Attack : Kaboom! is the normal attack of Klee. Just as the name suggests, Klee throwing anything blasts when they hit the target.
  • Charged Attack : Klee after using some amount of stamina charges with boosted power on the enemy resulting in Pyro DMG to the attacked enemies.
  • Plunging Attack : In this attack Klee strikes down on the enemies with a power attack and delivers a high damage.
Elemental Skills and Bursts

Here are the specific elemental skills as well as elemental bursts of Klee:

  • Jumpy Dumpy! : Klee through Jumpy Dumpy on the enemies which in turn bounces a few times and then goes Kaboom! Jumpy Dumpy delivers huge damage to all the enemies with every bounce it takes.
  • Sparks & Splash! : Whenever Klee uses her elemental burst, shes summons sparks & splash during which enemies deals with pyro dmg.

Klee is a cute little girl who is all about blasts and is a master of gun powder formulas.


Qiqi- genshin impact tier list

Element : Cryo

Favorite Weapon : Qiqi is a master of handling swords.

Region : Qiqi belongs to Liyue region.


Here is the description of all the attacks of Qiki :

  • Normal Attack : Qiki delivers 5 quick attacks on the enemy.
  • Charged Attack : Qiki performs 2 charged sword strikes while utilizing some of the stamina.
  • Plunging attack : After jumping above the enemies, Qiki strikes down with a charged attack to damage every enemy in the range, delivering AoE DMG.
Elemental Skills and Bursts

Qiki owns some of the most powerful elemental skills and bursts. They are mentioned below :

  • Herald of Frost : Qiki summons the Herald of Frost to attack the enemies with damaging strikes dealing in Cryo DMG.
  • Preserver of Fortune : adeptus power is released from the body of Qiki, striking the near by enemies deling Cryo damage and also restores Qiki’s health.


Venti - genshin impact character

Element : Anemo

Favorite Weapon : Venti has a mastery of skills on Bow

Region : Venti is from the Mondstadt region.


There are many attacks performed by Venti in the game. The most frequently used powerful attacks are discussed below :

  • Normal Attack : Venti attacks his enemies with 6 shots from his bow continuously and that too very fast.
  • Charged Attack : After surging the charge on the arrowhead, Venti shoots the arrow with a high precision. The attack damages the enemies highly.
  • Plunging Attack : During this attack, Venti jumps into the air and shoots a large number of arrows to the enemy, delivering a huge damage.
Elemental Skills and Bursts

Below you will find the elemental skill as well as the elemental bursts of Venti :

  • Skyward Sonnet : As the element of Venti is Anemo meaning wind, he summons a huge and powerful whirl of wind at the location of enemies, striking them with a huge damage.

  • Wind’s Grand Ode : Venti fires a huge number of arrows made up wind with high precision and gives Anemo damage to her enemies.

Venti is mysterious bard singing old songs as well as fresh poems. He is the master of wind art and also has mastery in bow and arrows. All the skills mentioned above makes Venti one of the most sought out Genshin Impact Character.

Tartaglia (Childe)

Tartaglia - genshin impact tier list

Element : Hydro

Favorite Weapon : Tartaglia likes to fight with a Bow.

Region : Tartaglia belongs to Liyue Harbor.


Tartaglia is a master of delusions. You can not be sure of what his next move will be. That is why he is one of the most unpredictable genshin impact character in the game.

  • Normal Attack : For someone who is weak in using a bow, Tartaglia shoots 6 consecutive arrows quickly.
  • Charged Attack : Tartaglia consumes some stamina to charge the arrows before shooting. Once charged the arrows accumulates hydro whirls around it. The arrows are shot with high precision and delivers hydro damage to its enemies.
  • Plunging Attack : Tartagia shoots a shower of arrows from the air after jumping above the enemies and giving a AoE damage to the enemies in range.
Elemental Skills and Bursts

Being the most unpredictable genshin impact character Tartaglia many secrets. Below are the known elemental skills and elemental bursts of of Tartaglia.

  • Foul Legacy: Raging Tide – While in this stance Tartaglia becomes able to shoot 6 consecutive shots of hydro arrows on the enemy. In the charged attack during this stance, Tartaglia unleashes a powerful cross slash of hydro power.

  • Havoc: Obliteration – Tartaglia goes in to different stances to deliver different powerful bursts attacks on to the enemy. This attacks varies from stance too stance. The stances are Ranged Stance: Flash of Havoc, Melee Stance: Light Obliteration & Riptide Blast.

Tartaglia is a unpredictable & cunning genshin impact character, whose next attack is a complete mystery to his enemies. Under the innocent face and childish character of Tartaglia lies a honed and skilled weapon of war. This Genshin Impact Character’s thoughts and future plans can not be guessed easily.

Tier A : Genshin Impact Tier List

Above we shared information about the the Genshin Impact Tier List for Rank S, now it is time for sharing the same information of Rank-A Gesnhin Impact Characters. The Tier A characters are second in terms of the power and skills. Lets start with the list now.


Barbara - genshin impact tier list

Element : Hydro

Favorite Weapon : Barbara favors Catalyst as her chosen weapon

Region : Barbara belongs to the Mondstadt region.


The most effective attacks of Barbara are discussed below thoroughly :

  • Normal Attack : Attacks with 4 consecutive splashes of water giving hydro damage to the attacks.
  • Charged Attack : Attacks with a powerful charged strike of hydro power after utilizing some stamina.
  • Plunging Attack : Barabara attacks the enemies from mid-air after charging with the hydro power delivering hydro damage to every enemy in range.
Elemental Skills and Bursts

Barbara holds many skills. Her elemental skills and elemental bursts are quite powerful than the others.

  • Let the Show Begin : Barbara summons a mystical drops of water which seems like musical nodes, hurts the enemies and heals all the allies quickly.
  • Shining Miracle : During this attack Barabara heals all of her allies and also heals herself rapidly.

Barbara is a most adored and famous bard of Mondstadt region who is both beautiful and powerful.


Bennett - genshin impact character

Element : Pyro

Favorite Weapon : Bennette is a master of Swords

Region : Bennette is from the region of Mondstadt.


As you as he is, Bennette is skilled with some of the most powerful attacks called Strike of Fortune.

  • Normal Attack : Bennette strikes with 5 consecutive attacks of his swords delivering a huge damage to his enemies.s
  • Charged Attack : After utilizing the some of the stamina, Bennete strikes 2 rapid and powerful attacks of sword.
  • Plunging Attack : Strikes the enemies with a powerful sword attack from above after big leap hurting the enemies with AoE damage.
Elemental Skills and Bursts

The elemental skill of Bennet is called Passion Overload while the elemental skill is name Fantastic Voyage. Lets talk about them :

  • Passion Overload : This skill allows Bennette to fire up the sword and fire of passiona and strikes the enemies delivering high damage.
  • Fantastic Voyage : During this attack, Bennette strikes with a pluging attack deliverying Pyro damage. Also it increases the health of the allies whoever stands in the circle of the attack.


Diona - genshin impact tier list

Element : Cryo

Favorite Weapon : Diona loves to use the Bow

Region : Diona is from the region of Mondstadt.


Diona attacks with the Katzlein Style on the enemy.

  • Normal Attack : Diona shoots the enemies with 5 continuous arrow shots from her bow.
  • Charged Attack : Diaona shoots a charged arrow with high precision and more power after consuming a certain amount of the stamina. This attack delivers high Cryo damage to the enemies.
  • Plunged Attack : Delivers AoE damage after showering the enemies with a continuous shots of arrows after jumping above the enemies.
Elemental Skills and Bursts

The Elemental Skills od Diona is called Icy Paws while her Elemental Burst is known as Signature Mix. Lets discuss some more :

  • Icy Paws : Diona shoots Icy Paws arrows from her bow damaging the enemies with cryo damage. She can either shoot 2 charged icy pow shots or shoot 5 icy pow shots rapidly and then jumps back to her initial position.
  • Signature Mix : In this attack Diona through cold mixture that generate mysterious mist around the enemies damaging them with AoE Cryo damage.


JEAN - genshin impact character

Element : Anemo

Favorite Weapon : Jean prefers to fight with a sword

Region : Jean belongs to Mondstadt region.


Jean attacks in Favonius Bladework style. The various forms of this style are discussed below :

  • Normal : In this attack, Jean attacks the enemy with 5 strikes performed continuously
  • Charged : This attack allows Jean to strike the enemy with a charged gust of wind which throughs the enemy off gaurd delivering high damage. Some of the stamina is used to perform this attack.
  • Plunged : Jean strikes the enemy from the above and delivers the AoE damage to the enemy.
Elemental Skills and Bursts

Elemental skill of jean is ‘Gale Blade‘ & Elemental Bursts is called ‘Dandelion Breeze’. These are discussed below:

  • Gale Blade : In this attack Jean charges with the wind power and releasing the wind blades towards the enemy and delivering high anemo damage.
  • Dandelion Breeze : Using this attack Jean creates a shield of wind energy also attacking the enemies with it and generating health for her team members.


Keqing - genshin impact character

Element : Electro

Favorite Weapon : Keqing is a master of arts of sword

Region : Keqing if from the region of Mondstadt.


Keqing attacks the enemies with the Yunlai Swordsmanship. Lets discuss the various forms of attacks now :

  • Normal : Keqing performs five quick strike on the enemy
  • Charged : After using some stamina to charge, she attacks with 2 powerful slashes
  • Plunging : When plunging, Keqing jumps over the enemy, strikes them down with a powerful attack and delivers AoE damage to them.
Elemental Skills & Bursts

Keqing has honed an elemental skill called Stellar Restoration along with elemental bursts known as Starward Sword.

  • Stellar Restoration : This skill allows Keqing to deliver high AoE with lightening striking the enemies.
  • Starward Sword : Keqing performs a highly powerful lightening attack giving AoE electo damage to the enemies in range.


Mona - genshin impact tier list

Element : Hydro

Favorite Weapon : Jean honed the skills of Catalyst.

Region : Jean is a young astrologer from Mondstadt region.


Mona is a master of Ripple of Fate & loves to fight in that style with the enemies.

  • Normal : As a master of Hydro element, she attacks with 4 consecutive hydro attacks.
  • Charged : After using a bit of stamina, she attacks with a powerful charged hydro attack delivering Hydro AoE damage to the enemy.
  • Plunging : During plunging attacks, Mona charges the enemies from above with powerful hydro attack delivering Hydro AoE damage.
Elemental Skills & Bursts

Mona’s elemental skill is generally known as Reflection of the Doom, while her elemental bursts is Stellaris Phantasm.

  • Reflection of the Doom : This skill lets Mona to summon phantom who in turn hits the enemies with powers of doom delivering Hydro AoE damage.
  • Stellaris Phantasm : In this attack Mona attacks the enemies by summoning the sparkling waves and trapping the enemies in the bubble of sparkling water and damaging them with AoE Hydro damage.


Razor- genshin impact character

Element : Electro

Favorite Weapon : Recommended weapon of Razor is Claymore.

Region : Razor is a orphan from Mondstadt region.


The attack form of Razor is known as Steel Fang.

  • Normal : Razor attacks the enemies with 4 slashes continuously.
  • Charged : When charged using some stamina, Razor deliveries Electro AoE damage to the targeted enemy by continuously attacking them with numerous powerful slashes.
  • Plunging : Razor attacks the enemies from above with swirling attack damaging every enemy in its path and delivering Electro damage.
Elemental Skills & Bursts

Elemental Skill of Razor is ‘Claw and Thunder’ while his elemental burst is called as ‘Elemental Bursts’.

  • Claw and Thunder : Razor strikes the enemies with wolf fangs, dealing electro damage, receiving Electro Sigil which increases his energy level.
  • Lightening Fang : This attack lets Razor summon his inner wolf which attacks the enemy, dealing AoE Electro damage, also getting Electro Sigil which surges the energy level and attack speed of Razor.


Sucrose - genshin impact character

Element : Anemo

Favorite Weapon : The weapon of choice for Sucrose is Catalyst

Region : Sucrose is an curious alchemist from Mondstadt region.


Sucrose genshin impact character who is a master of Wind Spirit Creation form.

  • Normal : Sucrose attacks the enemies with 4 consecutive strikes.
  • Charged : Sucrose uses a sum of stamina and attacks the enemy with charged attack of wind spirit dealing AoE damage.
  • Plunging : Sucrose jumps into air to strike the enemies by summoning the wind spirits.
Elemental Skills & Bursts

Sucrose has elemental skills of Astable Anemo Hypostasis Creation with the elemental bursts is known as Forbidden Creation.

  • Astable Anemo Hypostasis Creation : This skill allows Sucrose to summon Wind Spirit who attacks enemies to dealing high AoE Animo Damage.
  • Forbidden Creation : Under this attack she summons wind spirits who pulls and thrashes enemies into ground to deliver AoE Animo Damage on impact.


Xiangling - genshin impact tier list A

Element : Pyro

Favorite Weapon : Xiangling likes to fight with Polearm.

Region : Xiangling is a Chef from Liyue Harbor.


Xiangling is a master of many things with Dough-Fu fighting style being on the top of them.

  • Normal : Xiangling strikes he enemies with spears continuously five times.
  • Charged : In this attack, she consumes some stamina to launch a power attack on the enemies delivering a Pyro AoE damage.
  • Plunging : During this attack Xiangling, attacks the enemies from the air dealing an AoE damage.
Elemental Skills & Bursts

The Elemental Skill of Xiangling is called as Guoba attack. On the other hand, the elemental bursts is known to everyone as Pyronado. Lets talk about them :

  • Guoba Attack : This elemental skill allows the user to summon a Guoba, the panda of magic. This panda breaths out fire continuously damaging the enemies in range of the attack.
  • Pyronado : Under this bursts attack, she summons a Pyronado swirling around her as a shield and attacking the nearby enemies.


Xinyan - genshin impact character

Element : Pyro

Favorite Weapon : Xinyan is the genshin impact character who fight with Claymore.

Region : She is a rebel belonging to the Liyue Harbor.


Her skill of fighting is popularly known as Dance on Fire. Various forms of this style of attack are :

  • Normal : She strikes the enemy 4 times continuously and quickly.
  • Charged : To perform her charged attack, Xinyan uses some amount of the stamina. Furthermore, her charged attack includes spinning fast and slashing the enemy with a powerful strike at the end.
  • Plunging : This is special attack of Xinyan in which she jumps into the air and attacks the enemies underneath with a powerful strike. Delivers high Pyro AoE damage to the enemy.
Elemental Skills & Bursts

The Xinyan’s elemental skill is popularly known as Sweeping Fervour. Furthermore, her elemental bursts are named as Riff Revolution. We will discuss about them below :

  • Sweeping Fervour : This elemental skill allows Xinyan to generate a shield around her which absorbs all the damages and attacks of the enemies.
  • Riff Revolution : Xinyan humming rapidly, through the close enemies and gives them great physical damage. At the end of the attack, she delivers high Pyro AoE damage.

Genshin Impact Tier List : Rank -B

After all the discussion of Genshin Impact Tier List Rank S & Rank A, it is time that we move on to the next genshin impact characters list. And that is Rank – B Tier List of Genshin Impact character.


Chongyun - genshin impact tier list

Element : Cryo

Favorite Weapon : This genshin impact character likes to use Claymore in weapon.

Region : Chongyun is an exorcist from the Liyue Harbor.


The art of the battle that Chongyun uses is famously known as Demonbane in the Liyue region.

  • Normal : Delivers four continuous strikes on the enemies.
  • Charged : Attacks the enemies with powerful swirling strikes and ends them with a more powerful stroke. To do this attack Chongyun uses some of her stamina.
  • Plunging : Chongyun jumps into air and hit the enemies below with fast but powerful attack, damaging everyone in the range of the attack.
Elemental Skills & Bursts

The elemental skills of Chongyun are known as ‘Spirit Blade – Chonghua’s Layered Frost‘. He also delivers an elemental bursts attack on the enemies, commonly known as ‘Spirit Blade – Cloud-parting Star’.

  • Spirit Blade – Chonghua’s Layered Frost : This elemental skill allows Chongyun to turn the cold air into frost after explosion caused due to his powerful sword attack. This attack delivers a high Cryo AoE damage.
  • Spirit Blade – Cloud-parting Star : In this bursts attack of Chongyun, he performs a summoning of 3 mysterious swords which falls directly on the below ground damaging the enemies on its impact and further delivering Cryo damage.

Traveler (Anemo)

Element : Anemo (Wind)

Favorite Weapon : The weapon of choice is Sword.

Region : Traveler (Anemo) is a genshin impact character who belongs to Mondstadt region.


This genshin impact character is a master of Foreign Ironwind that only a few have mastered and heard of.

  • Normal : On a normal attack, Mondstadt attacks the enemy with 5 quick and continuous slashes.
  • Charged : To perform this attack, Traveler (Anemo) uses some amount of the stamina and attacks the enemy twice with quick and powerful strikes.
  • Plunging : This genshin impact character also jumps into air and strike the enemies below with a powerful attack. This attack delivers a high AoE damage to every enemy in range.
Elemental Skills & Bursts

The Elemental Skill of this Traveler (Anemo) is known as Palm Vortex. Furthermore, the Elemental Bursts attack is named Gust Surge.

  • Palm Vortex : As the name of this skill suggests, it allows to summon a vortex of wind in the hand of Traveler, pulling the enemies at one moment and throwing the enemies away in the next moment.
  • Gust Surge : During this attack this genshin impact character summons a tornado which delivers a high Anemo AoE damage.


Xingqui - genshin impact tier list

Element : Hydro

Favorite Weapon : Xingqiu is a master of Swords.

Region : He is a polite a studious character from Liyue Harbor.


Xingqui loves to fight in Guhua style. There is a lot you can learn about his fighting style. Most of it is elaborated below:

  • Normal : Xingqui attacks the enemy with five consecutive quick slashes with his sword.
  • Charged : While performing this attack, he uses a bit of his stamina and lands two powerful but quick strikes.
  • Plunging : He delivers high AoE Hydro damage to the enemies after striking them from the above and hitting the on the impact with a powerful attack.
Elemental Skills & Bursts

Guhua Sword – Fatal Rainscreen is the elemental skill of Xingqui, while his elemental bursts is known as Guhua Sword – Raincutter. Lets know some things about both these skills.

  • Guhua Sword – Fatal Rainscreen : This skill allows Xingqui to us twin blades attack against his enemies. The special thing about this skill is that rain water swords protects him from any external damage by the enemy.
  • Guhua Sword – Raincutter : This attack allows the user to create the rain swords continuously while he attacks he enemy. The rain swords also increases the damage resistivity to the Xingqui.

Genshin Impact Tier List : Rank – C

We have reached the Tear – C or Rank – C of the Genshin Impact tier list. This list will give information about the genshin impact characters that are above poor level.


Beidou - genshin impact tier list C

Element : Electro

Favorite Weapon : Beidou loves fight the enemies with Claymore.

Region : Beidou, captain of the Crux, belongs to Liyue Harbor.


Beidou honed the skills of Oceanborne fighting style. Lets discuss some of the variations of this form.

  • Normal : Beidou strikes the opponents five time continuously.
  • Charged : To attack the enemies with her charged attack, she consumes some of the stamina to perform a continuous attack of slashes, ending with another powerful hit.
  • Plunging : Beidou plunges from the air to the ground striking every enemy within the range of the attack. This attack delivers high AoE damage.
Elemental Skills & Bursts

Beidou’s elemental skill is known as Tidecaller. Furthermore, the element bursts attack is famously called as Stormbreaker. Below is the description of both of them.

  • Tidecaller : This elemental skill allows Beidou to strike the enemies with lightening and ocean tides.
  • Stormbreaker : When this bursts attack is performed, Beidou discharges a large mount of lightening attacks and deals high Electro AoE damage.


Kaeya - genshin impact tier list

Element : Cryo

Favorite Weapon :Kaeya is famous for his mastery in arts of Swords.

Region : Kaeya is the Knight of Favonious who belong to Mondstadt.


Kaeya’s fighting style is known as Ceremonial Bladework. The information for this style is given below :

  • Normal : Kaeya attacks his enemies with continuous slashes of his sword five times one after another.
  • Charged : He consumes the stamina to surge the cryo power then strikes the enemy with a powerful attack.
  • Plunging : Kaeya plunges from the air to the enemies on the ground below, hitting them with a charged attack delivering cryo damage to anyone who is in range of the attack.
Elemental Skills & Bursts

Frostgnaw is the elemental skill that Kaeya honed. While the element bursts attack of Kaeya is Glacial Waltz. Lets talk some more about them.

  • Frostgnaw : Using this elemental skill, Kaeya unleashes the cryo might, striking every enemy standing in front of him.
  • Glacial Waltz : In this attack, Kaeya summons three sharp and big icicle which keep following Kaeya, revolving around him damaging the enemies delivering cryo damage.


Lisa - genshin impact character

Element : Electro

Favorite Weapon : Lisa is a master when it comes to using Catalyst.

Region : Lisa is the most knowledgeable witch who is from Mondstadt region.


Among all the skills Lisa has, Lightning Touch attacking style is the most she honed.

  • Normal : Lisa attacks the enemies with four quick lightening strikes simultaneously.
  • Charged : To perform the charged attack, Lisa consume some of her stamina to surge the electro power and attacking the enemies with a powerful attack.
  • Plunging : During the plunging attack, Lisa jumps above the enemies and delivers a powerful lightening strike and damages the enemies with high electro damage to anyone who stands in the circle of the attack.
Elemental Skills & Bursts
  • Violet Arc : This is the elemental skill of Lisa. It allows her to generate a lightening orb which on hitting the ground delivers a electro damage to the nearby enemies.
  • Lightening Rose : In this elemental bursts, Lisa summons the Lightening Rose, which strikes the enemies with powerful lightening bolts. This attack delivers high electro damage to every enemy it strikes.


Ningguang - genshin impact tier list

Element : Geo

Favorite Weapon : Ningguang is a Catalyst use.

Region : This genshin impact character belong to Liyue Harbor.


Nigguang is a master of many mysterious skills, Sparkling Scatter form of attack being on the top of them. Below is the information on this fighting style :

  • Normal : Ningguang hits the enemies with hard gems, damaging them with the AoE geo damage.
  • Charged : To perform this attack, Ningguang uses the stamina to create a big gem. She throws this gem on to the enemy giving them high geo damage.
  • Plunging : In this attack, Nigguanng plunges over the enemy and strikes the enemies below with all the geo power she can muster. This attack also gives high AoE Geo damage.
Elemental Skills & Bursts
  • Jade Screen : This elemental skill lets Ningguang to create a large barrier between the enemies and Ningguang, protecting everyone fro enemy projectiles. This barrier is made of gold and other debris.

  • Starshatter : In this elemental bursts attack lets the user to through a amount of gems towards the enemies on every side giving AoE Geo damage.


Noelle - genshin impact character

Element : Geo

Favorite Weapon : Noelle is a master of Catalyst.

Region : Noelle is young character from Mondstadt who dreams of becoming the Knight of Favonius.


The attack form that Noella uses to fight the opponents is popularly known to everyone as Favonius Bladework – Maid. Below you will find the information on this attack :

  • Normal : Noella normally attacks the opponents with with four quick and continuous hits.
  • Charged : In this attack, Noella performs swirling attacks on the enemy and at the enemy hit them with the powerful slash. This attack requires some of the stamina.
  • Plunged : Like others, Noella also plunges from the air to land a powerful attack on the nearby enemies. This attacks delivers high AoE damage.
Elemental Skills & Bursts
  • Breastplate : This elemental skill lets Noella to create a armor of stone which protects her from the enemy attacks. The armor has a high damage absorption property.
  • Sweeping Time : Noelle attacks all the enemies around her by gathering the geo might from the nearby stones delivering a high geo damage.

Traveller (Geo)

Element : Geo

Favorite Weapon : This genshin impact character has mastery in using swords.

Region : N/A


Although this genshin impact character is from another world, his moves are very much like other characters. The attack form that he uses is known as Foreign Rockblade.

  • Normal : This character of genshin impact hits the enemies with five continuous attacks.
  • Charged : he lands two power slashes after charging for a bit by utilizing the stamina. This attack gives high Geo AoE damage to enemies in range.
  • Plunging : While performing this attack this genshin impact character jumps into the air and plunges down to the
Elemental Skills & Bursts
  • Starfell Sword : This is elemental attack that this character has. It allows him to pull out the rocks from the ground below and striking the enemies in range.
  • Wake of Earth : In this attack, the character surges the geo might, moving the rocks in the earth below sending immense shock waves. It delivers high AoE damage.

Genshin Impact Tier List : Rank D / Rank Poor

After sharing the information about every Genshin Impact Tier List, we have arrived at the last and the least powerful of them all. All the D- ranked genshin impact characters are given below:


AMBER- genshin impact character.jpeg

Element : Pyro

Favorite Weapon : Amber is a straight forward & perky little girl who loves to use Bow in battles.

Region : She belongs to Mondstadt region of Genshin Impact.


Being as you as she is, Amber is a SharpShooter which is also her attacking form. There are three of her fighting style which are given below :

  • Normal : Amber is a sharpshooter, she shoots 5 arrows quickly to damage the enemy with pyro damage.
  • Charged : Amber consumes some of her stamina to shoot an extra powerful arrow on the enemy to deliver AoE Pyro damage on a successful hit.
  • Plunging : She is genshin impact character who hits the enemies by plunging from the air to damage every enemy in range on hitting the ground.
Elemental Skills & Bursts
  • Explosive Puppet : This elemental skill lets Amber to summon an explosive puppet who mocks the enemies and explodes after some time damaging every enemy in the range.
  • Fiery Rain : In this elemental bursts attack, Amber showers the enemy with fiery arrows damaging the enemies with AoE Pyro loss.


Zhongli- genshin impact character

Element : Geo

Favorite Weapon : Zhongli is a mysterious genshin impact character who uses Polearm.

Region : He is from the region of Liyue Harbor.


Zhongli uses many mysterious attacks but he is known to be a master of Rain of Stone fighting style.

  • Normal : He attacks the enemies with his sharp spears six times continuously without a break.
  • Charged : Zhongli surges the power of geo by using some of his stamina to strike the enemies in front of him with a powerful charged attack.
  • Plunging : During this attack, Zhongli charges from the air with to hit the enemies on the ground, damaging every enemy with geo damage on impact.
Elemental Skills & Bursts

Among all of the attacks, Zhongli also have special elemental skill and elemental bursts attack. These are given below :

  • Dominus Lapidis :This elemental skill lets the Zhongli use the geo might and convert into the stone stele. On successful hitting the enemies,it deliver AoE Geo damage.
  • Planet Befall : As the name suggests, this elemental bursts lets him summon a meteorite from the sky to fall on the enemies. Furthermore, this attack deliver a high Aoe Geo damage to every enemy in range of the impact.


We have shared everything about every character in this genshin impact tier list. You can find some of this information on Genshin Impact Characters page. But, everything that we have shared with you is not given there.

Furthermore, we will update this guide as soon as new information arrives. Until then stay tuned!

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