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All Bunker Codes With Locations And Access Methods Warzone 2021

Playing COD Warzone lot of us struggles to find Bunker Codes Warzone. Lot of us have the questions. How to find and open the bunkers? How do yo get into the bunker? Follow the post and you will get all your answers.

COD series is one of the best and most likable war game. Sometimes we stuck in the game and want to find a solution here you will get bunker codes Warzone .
The COD Warzone is a multiplayer online game runs on XBox, PlayStation 4 and Windows. The game is released on 10th of March and became very popular on last few months. Activision published the Warzone and developed by Infinity Ward and Raven.

There are bunkers in Warzone these bunker are not very difficult to find out but very difficult to open. These Warzone bunkers will provide you and your team with better loot which can fill all your team. Bunker opens when you put proper bunker codes warzone. When you reach at a bunker you need to crack its bunker codes.

All Bunker Codes Warzone :

  • Bunker codes warzone for North Junkyard : 87624851
  • Codes for Tv Station bunker : 27495810
  • South Junkyard : 97264138
  • North Junkyard Code : 87624851
  • Nuke Park : 60274513
  • Warzone farmland codes : 49285163
  • Prison shack Code : 72948531
  • Farmland Code : 49285163
  • TV Station Code : 27495810

Bunker Codes: With All New Locations On The Map.

There new bunkers in Warzone which are on on places below.

  1. First bunker is at the bottom of the coast near the Smomenk
  2. Go to the Zordaya Prison Complex and then you will find the second bunker.
  3. 3rd Warzone bunker is near Kart Racing Track.
  4. Fourth bunker location is near and just below Junkyard.
  5. Fifth bunker is exactly at the Junkyard.
  6. Sixth bunker location is also at Junkyard and situated with 2nd bunker.
  7. One bunker location is at Gora Dam.
  8. At Crash Site 8th bunker is located.
  9. Ninth bunker is located at the bridge near Karst River Quarry.
  10. Tenth bunker is located at Karst River Bridge.
  11. Another is located just apposite of the tenth pass the road.
warzone bunker codes
Warzone Bunker Locations On Map

Above are the locations of the new Warzone bunkers find them on the map and get the loot you want also you will need code to crack and unlock them below are the codes for cracking the bunkers.

Use these bunker codes to crack and unlock the Warzone bunkers.

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How To Open Warzone non-keypad bunkers?

These bunkers in Warzone are special types of bunkers and cant be opened with bunker codes Warzone. These bunkers are locked and only be open with Red Access cards. These cards are badass and very hard to find and not available easily.

Red Access cards are only available in the legendary crates. These cards are so rare even these are not always available in these crates. When you find Red Access cards then you need to find the bunkers be careful around these bunkers can be crowded with other teams and they are just waiting for someone to come and they can snipe them and kill. So be care full and lookout for the hide out.

  1. First of this kind of bunker is at Verdansk Hospital.
  2. Second bunker is at downtown.
  3. 3rd bunker is at Karst Bridge.
  4. 4th bunker is also located at Karst Bridge Quarry.
  5. Fifth bunker is located at Lazoff Pass.
  6. Sixth bunker is located at Arklov Peak military base.
  7. Seventh bunker is located at Gora Dam location.
  8. 8th bunker is located at Verdansk International Airport.

These are all the bunker locations and access methods for these bunkers get there but be careful. All the bunkers are filled with lot of gears and stuff which gives access to these special gears. Also this game is best for the players who wants to play with team in Warzone.

Rewards You Will Get When You Visit These Bunkers:

The Bunkers are filled with lot of rewards you will like to get. These bunkers contains lot of loot and legendary supply boxes, money, weapon blueprints. So these bunkers are worth visiting.

Get inside the Verdansk Stadium Bunker :

Verdansk stadium was not accessible in previous seasons but with launch of season 5 now players can get inside the stadium and can explore it too. This stadium is with a bunker inside and it also have a numbered keypad to access it. This bunker will open when you enter stadium bunker code.

The other bunkers in Call Of Duty Warzone can be accessed by key cards. But the bunker 11 is not like any other bunker. This bunker is a special kind of bunker which don’t open like any other regular bunker. The bunker can only be accessed by different phones placed at different of locations on the map. When the other bunkers can be accessed using access cards the bunker 11 needs the phone these phones play both hidden messages and Morse codes and it needs both to open.

How Do I Locate & Open Bunker 11 Warzone? Guide:

The bunker 11 is located in northwest of military base. As a matter of fact this bunker is not like any other bunker. Similarly the method to open bunker 11 is also totally different then normal bunkers. In reality bunker 11 is related to some kind of nuclear weapon. If you are interested in this bunker then you have to work a lot to only then it is accessible. Check out its location from the map below.

Bunker 11 Location
Bunker 11 Phone Location Map

Phones With Hidden Message :

1- Message Phone : Block 18 buildings on the desk of the building.

2- Message Phone : Military base have a fire station and a phone in it.

3-Message Phone : In a building the southern side of the boneyard.

4-Message Phone : In a heart shape building at downtown it has a phone located few floors down.

5-Message Phone : On the desk of the Gora dam.

6-Message Phone : Inside a building at Lazoff Pass area just south of the military base.

Also make sure one of these phone will play secret message note down it. If you do not hear any secret number then move to the next phone until you hear a secret message in Russian. This message starts with Russian numbers written down below.

0: Nol’
1: A Deen
2: Dva
3: Tree
4: Chye-tir-ye
5: Pyat
6: Shest
7: Syem
8: Vo Syem
9: Dyev Yat

You will hear these number after playing chime sound. When you hear these numbers you have to go those Morse code phones which relates to these numbers listed below.

Morse Codes Phone Locations:

0-Phone 0 : The 0 phone locates at the building in military base.

1-Phone 1: This phone with number 1 is located on the first floor of the down town bank.

2-Phone 2: This phone also locates in a building Lazoff Pass area refer to the map.

3-Phone 3: The third Morse phone is located in Quarry area.

4-Phone 4 : This morse code phone is located in the police station.

5-Phone 5: This phone locates in TV station in side room.

6-Phone 6: The phone situates in the ATC tower of the airport.

7-Phone 7 : The 7th phone locates in the basement of the airport at the luggage area.

8-Phone 8 : This phone locates in the reception of Verdansk hospital.

9-Phone 9: The 9th phone locates in the upper area of the dam.

Furthermore you need to access these Morse code in correct order only then you will be able to interact with the bunker 11 keypad. Also you have to use the number station code. After solving this puzzle you can access the bunker 11 properly. When you go inside the bunker after accessing it correctly then you will get the MP5 blueprint. This will lead further and you will find a red button on pushing it will activates the nukes.

Where Are Other Secret Bunkers In COD Warzone :

Airport Bunker : This bunker is added in latest season. The bunker is located in a ground hole which locates in the airport. This bunker does not require any special codes

Secret Station Bunker : This is special kind of bunker it requires a puzzle to solve first to access it. The bunker is located in city hall.

Also Comment out if you need anything new so we can get it to you.

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